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I have been seeing news releases from the Frederick County school board and the Frederick news post talking about parents being hateful and violent at a recent meeting.  I have my own opinions about this..but this much is true.  FCPS over the past few years has passed policies talking about anal and oral sex to middle schoolers.  This latest controversy is because apparently, the state has mandated FCPS talk about gender identity and other subjects to 5 and 6 year olds with no opt out until the 4th grade.  That’s not an opt out because the lessons have been taught at that point.  I have already seen an example of this when my eldest was in middle school and the band directory outed himself as gay during the concert and presented his “partner” right in the middle of the concert.  Not only was I now fielding sexual questions from my middle schooler at that time but I could hear many other kids and parents now having to suddenly deal with this without any prior consent of the parents.  Now they want to talk about gender identity to 5 year olds.  come on folks…there’s no need to do this in elementary school IMO.  I would have no particular issue if they would give us an opt out at the first course…the biggest issue is..no opt o7ut..which at that point I would be watching the curriculum and pull my child at that point..my own opt out and homeschool.  If others want to stay in..that’s their choice.  FCPS can calm this down by making an official opt out available from the very beginning..their mistake was no official opt out without parental consent.

Let’s see how this one plays out.

Here’s audio breaking news from WTHU General manager Michael Betteridge on what really happened.  I am also providing a video section recorded by Joe Engel.J

Just the news article

Frederick News-Post Article

FCPS statement

WTHU breaking news audio

Joe Engel 15 minute recording