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“Ishmael” over at the market ticker has a very poignant post that i will reproduce in full.  However, there’s more food shortages coming…the food plant shutdowns for baby formula is one..but there’s been a rash of fires in major processing plants in all kinds of products.  Folks this is only the beginning..when Biden said shortages were coming…folks blew him off.  I am now figuring out what I can do as i have very little land to work with…i have watched my expenses skyrocket.  The one thing I hang onto is my faith.  In the past tow months i have effectively paid my mortgage 4 times…and somehow the Lord has given me the funds I needed to cover them.  I have no credit cards so I am not burying myself in debt..whew.  Hang on folks..this is only the beginning:

Manufacturing The Next Crisis

Once again over the transom come “free fish” courtesy of Ishmael…. — Ed

There are several ways to wage war on a people.  We have a current year example of overt war between Russia and Ukraine.  There was the Bolshevik revolution which eventually led to mass starvation.  There was the Cold War between Russia in America where an entire generation of kids learned to protect themselves against nuclear attack by hiding under a desk. Hey look, RussiaRussiaRussia and it’s only the first paragraph, this one’s gonna be lit.

There’s another long term and diffuse war happening on American soil now.  As I stated in the Why Disney Sucks guest Ticker, Satan owns the world.  He loses eventually, but we know neither the day nor the hour that will come to pass.  Satan has been alive a very long time and hates humanity.  His pawns wreak destruction until they are discarded, yet the damage they do is not interred with their bones.

The past 2+ years have been an example of evil’s influence increasing.  Or more accurately, the past two years have made evil obvious to more people. 

This war goes by several names. Vox Day refers to it as the war against the good, the beautiful and true. I call it the War on America, but we are not the only country targeted.  Widespread clown world is proof of that.

The purebloods lost the Coof War decisively.  The War on America accelerated because of that defeat.  Many of us are demoralized which makes victory harder this time. There are fewer soldiers available, the stakes are higher, and it involves the rest of the world. I don’t know if it can be won without a legitimate leader arising.  If one doesn’t, there could be civil unrest in the United States that makes previous summers’ riot seasons look like vacations.

Satanic minions are sabotaging America from within.  We know who they are, no need to belabor that point here.  Instead, I want to provide a roadmap for the next battlefield: Manufactured Crisis 2022 – 2023.  My goal is not to be right.  It is to provide tools so you know what to watch for and prepare yourselves as best you can.

The War on America’s battle plan has three milestones:

  1. Negate America’s purchasing power

  2. Remove things they can buy

  3. Eliminate Americans themselves.  This is also a victory condition.

How can such a nasty, complicated operation be broken down into three goals?

We are all broke now
Purchasing power eroded steadily over time and accelerated these past two years.  Rent, groceries, and fuel are all pounding people’s wallets. As long as diesel remains high, so will every good in America.

The Russian sanctions are exacerbating the situation.  Every other foreign company sees that and will demand payment in their local currency.  All those US dollars sequestered overseas will flow back into the American money supply, deflating our purchasing power more.

Milestone number one is accomplished.  If an individual hasn’t experienced yet, it’s only a matter of time.

You can’t 3D print baby formula
Food, water, and shelter are essential to human life. Housing costs were already covered.  Milestone two’s tactics removes food and water.

Supply chain issues are the mere tip of the iceberg.  There are several potential shortages in the works.  Some of them are incidental to geopolitical events, and some are deliberate acts of war by our own government. Some of our current problems are partially, but not completely, by design.

Farming difficulties are an example of an incidental side effect.  Crops are not being planted this year.   Every few years, the weather is bad enough to produce lower yields.  Lower, but nowhere near a true shortage.  This year combines a cold dry spring and clown world.  Harvests will be down.

Two fertilizer ingredients are more expensive this year. The Russia/Ukraine conflict stopped the trade of potash and natural gas’s price increased.  Smaller farms aren’t planting or using less fertilizer.  Cereal grains will be pricier this fall and America will export less to Africa and Central America.

Is claiming food shortages are due to sabotage tin or a spoiler alert?  Time will tell.  For what it’s worth, I hope this stays post-apocalyptic fiction fodder instead of headline news.

What happened recently that points to sabotage?  Here is a list of tactics from recent headlines to accomplish milestone two:

  • Food factories and warehouses fires

  • Abbott baby formula factory closed for months

  • Bird flu

  • A widespread recall on a cheap, nutritious source of calories (Smuckers peanut butter fuck up)

  • Exporting diesel to Europe

  • Denying drilling leases

  • Releasing our strategic petroleum reserve and not replacing it

The bird flu could be an act of nature, or the government could be lying about the whole thing.  Everything else was helped along by government meddling.  All were designed to disrupt enemy supply lines. In this case, we are the enemy!

What further tactics would deprive Americans of goods we currently take for granted? What is the simplest action that will have the broadest negative effects?

All the previous foods follow a pattern: they affect WIC.  This could be a coincidence.  Or it could be deliberate because there’s nothing evil hates more than children, the ultimate acts of human creation.  Satan demands child sacrifice.

WIC eligible foods are “infant cereal, iron-fortified adult cereal, vitamin C-rich fruit or vegetable juice, eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter, dried and canned beans/peas, and canned fish. Soy-based beverages, tofu, fruits and vegetables, baby foods, whole-wheat bread, and other whole-grain options were recently added to better meet the nutritional needs of WIC participants…For women who do not fully breastfeed, WIC provides iron-fortified infant formula.”

Those bolded terms look familiar.  Grains and soy will be more expensive in the future.  That affects the italicized options.

This is where the tin comes in:  the WIC foods could be specifically targeted.  More likely, their shortages will be incidental to clown world.  Expect more food disruptions in the future. Starvation is a tried and true method of mass killings.

One future tactic to watch for is exporting enough food to the Third World to ensure we are hungry. 

How can some malicious retard bureaucrat make things worse?  What is the worst regulation they could pass?

I mentioned water earlier.  How secure is your supply of fresh, potable water?  If the treatment plant can’t get chemicals or replacement parts, where will you get safe water?

The questions and your answers are not meant to fill you with dread.  They are meant to give you hope. If you came up with a doomsday scenario, dial it back until you reach something manageable.  Concentrating on an improbable worst-case will only stress you out and waste mental energy.   If you see what is coming, you can mitigate the results. Prioritize your actions based on what will have the greatest impact for the least money.  Some examples are canned food, bottled water, and a Sawyer filter, but make your own list.

No country for Americans
If you were born in America and are over 35, this is not the country you grew up in.  You might as well moved overseas.  Many words have been spent discussing our open borders policy for welfare trash, critical race theory, and other demoralizing public humiliation rituals.  These all contribute to alienating Americans.

But something even more poignant is the real reason we have no country.  We’ve stopped having babies.  Only Americans can create other Americans.  In fact, the justification for paying wetback sows to shit out six anchor babies is declining American birthrates.

Right now there are no incentives for useful citizens to have babies because they believe in paying their own way through life. Medical costs are prohibitive.  Women who want to stay home with their kids often have to choose between living in the ghetto and working.  This is not true in every locale yet, but swaths of America are too expensive for one worker to support a family.

A lot of young people don’t want their kid born into financial slavery and that’s if they can find someone to have one with.  The under 35 dating pool is atrocious, filled with land whales and soy boys.  Some purebloods only want another pureblood.

I can’t argue with any of that. Things were bad before, the past two and a half years made them worse.  And we haven’t even gotten into fertility problems caused by the vax.  Even young people who want to have kids aren’t able to.  This is a demographic disaster and it’s been building for a long time.

Americans expect certain things to “just work.”  We have the work ethic and the knowledge to make it so.  Third World shit holes do not, hence the moniker.  If you look at primary school demographics, America is already the Third World, we are currently coasting on civilization fumes.  As people retire or check out of the workforce, less qualified and stupider people will replace them.  Eventually, all the people who make things “just work” won’t exist.

This should scare the ever loving fuck out of you, and the only people that can fix it are the same bunch we’ve saddled with massive student loan debt and impossible to afford housing.  For that, we all deserve the both-holes fucking that’s coming over the next decades.  Not only do these kids need jobs, they need a stable society that encourages family formation.  Large family formation.

I don’t like writing about or acknowledging American demographics, but it is dishonest to ignore the 900 pound elephant in the room.

Which brings us back to what can we do about aspects we can directly control?  As individuals, protect ourselves and our families by making reasonable preparations for the future. 

Let them all starve
The current food shortages are political problems.  They were not caused by natural disasters, but human stupidity and evil.  Without a leader arising, America will let them all starve.  

To protect our families we must determine future tactics of the enemy so we can prepare and defeat them. Ask and answer the questions above to create your battle plan. Good luck, and good hunting.