March 18, 2022 Christianity Church Churchianity Faith 0

It’s taken me a while to be able to expatriate my thoughts on why I had problems with this inherently contradictory statement/belief being taught in modern churches.  First of all servant leadership isn’t logical at all.  It most assuredly isn’t biblical either.  The man was not made for the woman but the other way around.  Now the man isn’t a tyrant BUT the Lord holds the man responsible for his household….this also undercuts the non-sensical concept of servant leadership.  Also, the servant leadership concept that godliness is attractive to women is doesn’t work against human nature.  There’s a reason why the Bible says do not be unequally a believer will be more likely to “look past” your outward flaws…while a non-believer most assuredly will not.  The following video talks about this concept and others that cause this false belief about “servant leadership”  The church has been ani-male and feminist focused for direct conflict with what the Bible teaches.

The Lie of Servant Leadership