May 8, 2020 Covid-19 Family Frederick County Health Technology 0

(This is the first post in a series…i will go into greater detail later)

For a while I never though I could homeschool..but covid has shown me something:
I think for students and families that can do it distance learning should be an option. If 25% or more opt in the amount of money that can be saved in being able to shutdown building, reduced transportation costs, and other associated costs with so many physical buildings will be significant. That money can be used to raise the pay of teachers AND start modernizing/replacing the schools that will continue to be used. My kid is loving this. She’s done by noon most days and isn’t forced to be imprisoned all day inside a building. She goes outside in the yard and explores. She sometimes goes and plays in the yard of friends..or they come over here. They get to splash in the water and be kids. She has done several amazing art projects…on her own…and also reads books and explores the world around her..all without a teacher looming over her. Kids can teach themselves quite a bit more than folks these days give them credit for. All they need is a guiding hand..not a pair of handcuffs.