May 10, 2020 Christianity Church Churchianity Covid-19 Faith Health 0

Of course not.  However with this covid thing around folks, especially Christians, are the first ones hiding in their houses finding reasons to NOT gather and worship.  Now comes an article that basically says singing in a group is so much more deadly that we should consider not doing it.  The article, written by a worship pastor, lays out the usual claptrap about how this virus is so terrible and how singing produces a cloud of contamination and how medical experts say we should consider not singing.   I have talked about this multiple times..and what I said back then is even more pertinent today.

The bible says we are to worship Him with noise.  With dancing and singing.  We are NOT to cower in fear and worry…LOOK IT UP.  I can tell you right now..if you come back to me talking about how this virus is so dangerous to people we should continue this pattern of behavior I will tell you to show me where in the Bible it says we are to act like this..AT ALL.  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ and you think that the fix is to either cower in your house OR put a lid on the church you are not following the word.  If you are not comfortable with congregational worship..then do not attend.  Trying to convince others to not do it comes straight from the pit of hell.  This current course of action is NOT from Jesus.  It’s pretty simple.