March 19, 2020 Covid-19 Faith Family Health Pandemic 0

From Karl Denninger’s YouTube channel:

“Flatting the curve” is stupid and will save almost ZERO lives. Fact: In Wuhan if you went on a vent 95+% of the time you came out in a box. There ARE known protocols (found in S. Korea, now confirmed in Europe) that CAN be effective and might be worth it as prophylaxis in high-risk people. DESTROYING THE ECONOMY WILL NOT SAVE LIVES.

In Wuhan:

folks that went into the hospital.  26 folks had the equivalent of a CPAP mask(positive pressure)..2 survived.  For folks that got the full vent tube down the throat, out of 32 who were intabated(misspelled) 1 survived.  The data is out there folks.