December 1, 2020 New World Order Politics 0

Well now…as if the Chinese gov’t didn’t own enough critical infrastructure in this county they have a significant stake in Dominion voting systems as well:


Free trade is good, they told us. The free flow of international capital benefits everyone, they told us. So, we can only conclude, without doubt, that it is good for the economy to learn that a major investor in Dominion’s holding company (i had to re-source this report as the twitter link “magically” disappeared)is the government of a certain sovereign state.


SEC filings: The parent company of Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million from an Investment Bank in Switzerland that is 75% owned by the Chinese government. UBS Securities is a Swiss investment bank which owns 24.99% of UBS Securities Co LTD, a Chinese Investment Bank. The remaining 75% of UBS Securities CO LTD is owned by the Chinese government,” states the report.

And now we also know why there was so much Chinese interest in Hunter Biden. It may also explain attorney Lin Wood’s very unexpected call for martial law this morning.


Our country is headed to civil war. A war created by 3rd party bad actors for their benefit – not for We The People.

Communist China is leading the nefarious efforts to take away our freedom.

@realDonaldTrump should declare martial law.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to ignore the serious national security aspects of the post-election situation.