April 16, 2020 Covid-19 Family Health New World Order Pandemic Policed State/Martial Law 0
so it appears there will never be return to normal…..remember fauschi was saying we will have to have restrictions in place until there’s a vaccine? There has not..and most likely will not be a vaccine for any corona virus due to there’s no way to generate a lasting immunity to these things..which is why there are colds and flus that come back every year…so folks..still think Trump is Maga? Still think the republicans are anything different than the democrats? It’s been decades and folks have warned about this…it is now her.
See that last part?  Albeit at reduced capacity.  This means they can move the goalposts at any time..we will never be without government imposed restrictions and who can go where and what. Welcome to Amerika folks. It is now time for me to find a way to live with our new overlords as they are now going away…ever…without an armed resistance and/or a miracle from the Lord above.