January 1, 2021 Freenas Gamecache Gaming General Hardware ISCSI Open Source 0

I have been posting bout my gamecache setup here at the house.  Well it just got even more important as Comcast has announced data caps across the remainder of its footprint where it had not been enforcing cap.  I now have nearly 1 Terabyte of data on this gamecache drive.  What this means is that when I dump my tower(part of my annual Windows maintenance) I won’t have to download all of that stuff again.  With my downloads at my previous 1 gigabit speed downloading everything took less than 10 hours if i REALLY had to.  With my speed now cratered to 200 megabits I have ZERO wish to download all of that stuff again…ever.  Now I’ll make sure I never have to download all of that again.  Between the snapshots and the replication to another machine(and some if it cloud exported) if something REALLY bad happens i’ll have everything critical in the cloud.  If something bad happens locally(which win 10 20h2 has already tried to eat everything once due to a bug) I have multiple layers of local recovery..:)