July 19, 2005 General 0

My wife purchased an Ipod Shuffle at my recomendation for her upcoming business trip. The little glorified flash drive works well..but Itunes blows for the one thing i wanted to use it for..podcast linking. So far it has only managed to pull up podcasts once. Anyone having issues with Itunes podcasting directory?

*UPDATE* I just tried Itunes(or iTunes as i am told by ipodders) on my machine and podcasts stil don’t work. If Itunes requires open internet server functionality..then it will not work here as my firewall by default denies everything..esxcept that which i have allowed..and that’s not much. So if i am required to open ports for itune’s various online features to run correctly..forget it. Also i have noticed Itunes is a huge resource pig. Even on my machine(which right now is a anthlon xp running at 1ghz w 512 megs ram) if i try to do much of anything thing else either itunes lags or the other applictions do. Ick. I just blew it off my system. My wife has not decided if she likes Itunes or not.