July 14, 2005 General 0

Gazette.net: “‘You see, I led the floor fight in the Senate against the co-called ‘life partners’ bill,’ Mooney states in the letter. ‘This bill is a sneaky step towards same-sex marriage in Maryland for homosexuals. The bill passed after days of tough debate, but was vetoed by Gov. [Robert L.] Ehrlich. Fortunately, we have just enough votes in the Senate to sustain his veto.

‘Then I led the fight against special ‘hate crimes’ legislation for homosexuals, transsexuals and cross dressers,’ Mooney further states. ‘It is the first time in the history of Maryland that we are giving transsexuals and cross dressers special legal recognition and status.’

In a telephone interview with Mooney, who is in California this week, the Senator stands by his statements, and said he believes they have helped him successfully win two terms in office.

‘I think people know where I stand,’ Mooney said. ‘My principles are based on my interests. I vote against special rights bills and [proponents of gay rights] call me names, but I will never waver from my beliefs.’

Mooney said he does not consider his views as discriminatory, but instead as a fight for family values.

Mooney, the father of a 23-month-old boy, has another child due in late August. He said he worries that if more rights are given to gays, their lifestyle will be promoted and taught in schools.

‘Homosexuals want the same benefits that married people have,’ he said. ‘If that happens than they’ll be teaching it to our kids in our schools.'”

GO Mooney! What’s laughable is the reaction from the critics of Mooney:
“Mooney’s actions are hate-filled and morally reprehensible,” Brooks said in an e-mail to The Gazette. “As a conservative Republican, I, too, do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but it is morally wrong to espouse violence against anybody for being who they are, especially under the guise of religion. Real Christians certainly don’t advocate hate crimes against others. Mooney’s actions would do just that …. Mooney has gotten away with using his hatred to take advantage of people of faith for far too long.”

Now where does Mooney promote violence? Nowhere. Nice try. Me AND my wife jsut might volunteer with this man’s campaign to ge him re-elected.