July 16, 2005 General 0

U.S. News – MSNBC.com
Absent, however, is a cross, an image of God or Jesus Christ or any other traditional religious symbols. Osteen said his father never displayed such symbols and he simply continued the tradition. Instead, the new location will feature a larger version of the church?s trademark globe, rotating slowly behind Osteen as he preaches.

Major red flag. No displays of the cross which Jesus died on and which is where our salvation was purchased. I have not listened to Joel much..but his message is very feel good and does not confront the sinful nature of humans and their need of salvation and the reason salvation is needed. Without this foundation to understand our salvation and the need for it these folks are not gettting the whole story. However if they are truly coming to Christ I am not going to say Joel is wrong. Not being a member of his congragation and not following his ministry I have no way to say if his message is biblical or not.