July 21, 2005 General 0


Rosenhaus said the Packers have refused to negotiate with him ever since he first approached the team this spring to tear up Walker?s current contract, which has two years remaining and calls for him to make $515,000 this season.

?I haven?t had very many holdouts in my career, but I?ve been unable to get the Packers to commit to any discussion of a new deal,? Rosenhaus said. ?The Packers have refused to negotiate with us. They expect him to play the year out.?

Rosenhaus said that won?t happen.

?I can?t let this player go out on the field and jeopardize his career for that kind of money. I just can?t fathom it,? he said in an interview with HBO taped last Friday and scheduled to air next week.

He’s got two years left in a contract you agreed to. If you don’t like your contract..play it out..or retire.