June 19, 2010 Anti-Americanism New World Order 0

This is one of a growing number of incidents in Maryland.  if this is true then it means if an officer comes up to me in public i will let them know that if they continue to talk to me they consent to be recorded.  If i get stopped where there are security cameras(ones operated by a government entity) then i will contest any charges based on the fact i was being recorded without my consent.  Maryland law does say if you don’t have an expectation of privacy then this law doesn’t apply.  Well these incident occur in public and folks are being arrested…soooooo..does that section of law still apply?  There are details about more incidents like this here and here.  You can see all maryland coverage on this site by using this search string.

Motorcyclist jailed for 26 hours for videotaping gun-wielding cop | Photography is Not a Crime.