June 18, 2010 General 0

Dear American Public

I would like to encourage you to step outside of your box, really think about what is good for the country and vote appropriately.  I know you thought that BO would be good for our country, but his change is really not what is good for us.  It is only good for him.  And one must ponder if he manufactures events to further his agenda (if you think about it, so many of the calamities seem to fit into things he says he wants to change, not improve, change).  I must say that I don’t think that our health care system would be in this bad of shape if the health care propaganda was not forcibly shoved down our throats.

I have the utmost confidence that we can rise above the mess that has been created in our wonderful country and start to get ourselves back on track.  Remember, we started by those fighting against such foolishness as we see with our current administration.  Rise up, be strong.  Look to our forefathers for guidance and take that first step.


A concerned American citizen who  does not want any more socialism introduced

(remember when communism was a bad word……)

P.S.  Please do not make resort to posting Twisted Sister lyrics to further my point 😀