June 23, 2010 General Obama 0

After the comments by McChrystal in a way that directly challeneged the authority of Obama as Coomander-in-Chief Obama surprised me and actually stood up for himself and the Office of the President and fired McChrystal.  This is something that should have been done.  McChrystal offered his resignation..but this was to save face..he was toast.  It was the remarks made to Rolling Stone magazine form him and his aides that did him in.  The article shows a general with open contempt for the CIC and allowed this atmosphere to openly flourish in his command.  This undermines the CIC’s authority and it highly detrimental to good order and discipline in the Miliary.  I think this is the first time I have seen Obama(he gets the capital o this time) actually act like a leader.  Once i can download the article AND the video i will update the post with those..for now i have links to both.

Here’s the youtube video: