June 12, 2010 General 0

This person sums up thing nicely.  Ever noticed that anything the envir-nazis get pushed though always turns out worse in the end?  I found this on wnd.com letters to the editor page.

Those blasted greenies

It amazes me how stupid and ill-informed liberals are allowed on the streets of this great country and, worse yet, are allowed to make irrational decisions that affect us all.

Case in point: the spillage of oil from a deep-sea oil rig that ran into trouble.

The reason they were deep-sea drilling is because the greenies didn’t want to soil the pristine beaches and affect the coastal wildlife through shallow-water drilling.  Nice going!  I’m sure they have seen the soiled beaches and the dead and dying wildlife they have “saved” by their irrational demands.

A few years ago, the Sierra Club gave an award to our “representative,” Nancy Johnston, Rino-Conn., for her vote against drilling in ANWR.  They would rather see us send our oil money to foreign countries than employ Americans drilling for oil on our own land.

The many greenie organizations and the irrational liberals in Congress refuse to drill for our own oil. They are seeking “energy independence through clean energy or alternative energy.”  They throw out these red herrings without any facts or specifics.

Wind power – very expensive, noisy, kills animals and is effective 20 percent of the time.

Ethanol – brilliant idea, if you want to consume over a gallon of fuel to produce one gallon of fuel that has a lower heat value than the fuel used to create it.  Additionally, ethanol has more pollutants than gasoline, ruins engines, degrades gasoline in about 30 days – fire and ambulance crews in our town purchase very expensive gasoline, without ethanol, for their emergency equipment that sits unused for weeks but needs to start whenever needed.

Solar – on the surface sounds good.  Spend $100,000 for a house installation, save $1,000 per year on electricity cost – payback: 100 years.  Could be viable except that the collectors only last about 25 years.

Hybrid vehicles – complicated,  high voltages in some vehicles that require special care in case of an accident or for routine maintenance.  Also have a high EMF from the high voltage.  Somewhat better mileage, but can do as well with diesel engines.

Electric vehicles – yesssss!!  Non-polluting vehicles that will save the planet! The geniuses haven’t figured out yet from where the power comes to recharge the batteries – fossil-fueled plants, in case the geniuses are interested.

There is no global warming; we are heading into a normal period of global cooling.  Gore is wrong and may need to get a real job one of these days.  Forget the CO2 business – another liberal red herring.

We have more coal and oil in America than the rest of the world combined.  We can drill for oil and and dig for coal, and sell them to China to get out from under our tremendous debt to them.  We can ship our freight by rail – much more energy efficient than trucks; trains also don’t hammer out our highways.

We need to elect some logical, intelligent men and women to Congress  to turn this situation around.  In the meantime, the greenies can view the results of their many years of ignorant lobbying on the evening news.  Hopefully, they can empathize with the people whose lives they have wrecked in the Gulf and the many animals they have killed.

Donald Ereminas