June 29, 2010 Church 0

It’s gotten stagnant.  Most of it is slow paced..kinds like any churches have become.  What happened to our outdoor celebrations and things like that?  Read Psalms..David would be dancing in worship and so would his household.  I’m a huge fan of the Arabic and “renaissance” and “Celtic” sounds.  Blckmore’s Night has grabbed my attention..but some of their lyrics are clearly not Christian. Celtic Woman is another one that i like quite a bit…and it was one of their songs that i borrowed mentally to write my lyrics.   I would love to see some Christian music in these genres.  I have written one song already(i have the lyrics) and i know the tune i want to have it in..but i don’t have the tools to put the tunes to it..maybe i’ll start seeing if i can leverage this quad core box i have sitting here.,.:)