June 21, 2010 Linux 0

Right now cloud computing isn’t a security enhancement..it’s a security nightmare.  Most cloud apps actually require you to download and install an executable file that then connects to the cloud.  The operating system requirements are?  Windows…most of the time.  I would like to see the cloud vendors support a truly web-based experience..like Google.  Then you wouldn’t need windows..Linux would work.  Your costs go through the floor.  No high costs for server operating system software…no high costs for desktop operating system software.    There are a couple of gotchas.  One is most applications don’t yet run on a Linux desktop or a true cloud.  Secondly, disallowing access from outside your company.  This isn’t as easy to solve as it seems since it’s a web-based thing..considering the low costs though just get your company a static ip(s) and tell the cloud vendor only those ip(s) are allowed to access that app.  Then you have the best of both worlds..in a very brief nutshell.  If you are interested in more details let me know.  I might fire up the podcast machine..:)