November 16, 2005 General 0

I jsut got this sent to me via e-mail directly from the City Council:

Since I don’t know another way besides signs, Citizen ads, Frederick News Post, Gazette ads, Channel 99 …

Thursday (November 17tth) night at 8pm, ALL WATER in Brunswick will be turned off until (hopefully 4am) to accomodate for repairing a valve that is causing standing water on some streets and a tremendous water problem.

PLEASE pass this on to anyone who you think may or may not read it somewhere before then.
The City is constantly trying to find the best way to get this info out to everyone, but I figured more is better than a surprise when you try to use your water.
It cannot wait until a later date, so this will be the quickest way to address it. Police, Ambulance, Fire and other emergency services are aware.
Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.
Thanks for taking this initiative with me.
Beth Johnson