September 2, 2005 General 0

Sea Creatures

This was awesome to find out. Just image, leaving something alone for a prolonged period and poof look what happened. It seems almost like a Christmas present. I have to wonder what else could be discovered if scientists were a bit more patient with their studies. Maybe that is what a cure for cancer has not been been discovered…a lack of patience. This is not to slam those who are working on a cure. I have a great deal of respect for those individuals. It is just something to ponder

It seems like we live in a microwave society more and more every day. Solutions need to be immediate. And when they are not or are not what is expected, the frustration levels grow. Now, I find myself pondering how much more productive we would be if we stopped trying to provide a microwave solution

I will leave it at this, before I turn this into a rant. Back to the story…what an incredible discovery.