September 6, 2005 General 0

La Shawn Barber?s Corner:
Good Deal! Of course it also takes businesses to stop hiring illegal aliens as well. The rules are already in place for this to be tackled on the busniess side as well.

Thoughts Online says Herndon is building this for legal immigrants. Herndon itself refutes this argument.

But council members said they were helpless in the face of what they called a federal failure to police U.S. borders. They said it was their responsibility to bring order to a neighborhood nuisance that had become the town’s most divisive issue in recent history.

“Here we sit, expecting this local government to resolve a national immigration problem that is out of our control,” council member Harlon Reece said before the vote.

Just because the feds are not enforcing our immigraiton policy does not mean local gov’t can be allowed to ignore those same laws.
Dell Gines shares his thoughts on *tough crime* legislation and allowing illegals to come into this country unchecked.