June 30, 2005 General 0

It’s official. This Brunswick Crossing project is officially Brunswick’s boondoggle and the developer’s dream. I am heartbroken that I even voted for this mess now that I know the truth. I had misgivings about this whole project..me and my wife were on opposite ends of the spectrum. I was convinced to vote yes because the costs of upgrading the water treatment plant were going to be more than the entire city budget for three years. I just looked at the recent budget and the city is not very leveraged at all..i now know I should have voted my first thought..no!!

I also apologize to my fellow citizens of Brunswick. I was one of the founding members of the Brunswick Citizens Advisory Committee and I had to resign my post due to not having the time. I wish I would have made the time to at least be a voice against all of the backroom deals that are now going on.

to wit:
IKO now wants to eliminate the original 28 acre plot for senior living for two reasons:
1.) “Market Research”(always a fishy term…usually a lie) shows senior citizens want to be mixed in with the community. Let’s see this ‘market research’.
2.) because the units slated for the senior citizens count against the APFO..the developer said to forget the dedicated tract and now has no guarantees the housing for seniors will be low-cost and will have no age restrictions which means those homes will go first..just watch.

Dan Snyder shows the developer’s true colors when he told the Brunswick citizen that there’d never been age restrictions on the senior housing at any point in the process.


The layout pitched to the voters was that that tract was to be sold to senior citizens only. They are weaseling out because they did not specify an age restriction. Snyder also said this is an evolving thing. ROFL!!!!!

We voted for the original plan which the developer and the City planners have changed without consulting the citizenry. The city’s excuse? We have had planning hearings..nobody came..so we aproved the changes.


What good is it for us to vote on something if the city government is going to end around us? I like the mayor and most of the council. If they keep approving crap like this it’s time for them to go!!

The CAC screwed the pooch here too. IMO they should have been holding the line against changes..or make them minor at best.

Moving the water tower I have posted about that already. This is yet another backroom deal..i don’t care how much it benefits the city the folks over in old Brunswick get to bend over while they get another water tower shoved into their midst. How about a referendum on all of these changes folks? Wait..it’s all about the $$$ now.

You know what I say? Forget it! this is not what we voted on and approved. Get your acts together and stick the course as we voted..or get out of office so that hopefully we can elect some folks who will listen to us.