June 28, 2005 General 0


This is excellent for america. The cablecos are able to offer their high speed at the prices they do becuase dsl for the longest time sucked. The ILECS were clueless about how the real market worked because they were too busy sitting on their monopolistic butts. NOw that cable in many areas is spanking them..they are trying to keep their monopolies with gov’t interventions instea dof competing.

Guess what? VZ is going to compete..with FOIS. Fios if vz’s fiber based asnser to the cablecos and unlike the current phone network is not being directly subsidized by taxpayers money. NOw that VZ is building their own private network cable is going to have a fight. As a matte of fact in areas where FIOS is active cablecos hae either redueced fees or raised speeds or both. The tables have been turned. This is how competition works. NOt the gov’t socialistic views.