June 30, 2005 General 0

More backroom deals about several frederick city projects are coming to light. It appears that severals possibly illegal deals were made to further the projects(no surprise to me). I recently heard about a similar backroom deal pulled by our mayor here in Brunswick. The new Brunswick Crossing development is beginngin to look like Brunswick’s boondoggle and the developer’s dream. Recently I found out that City decided to let the developer of BC move the water tower from where it was supposed to go int he new development and place it right next to the current one. The new water tower was supposed to be 600k gallons…the new one will be 1 million gallons. This opens up an acre of space for the developer and means residents of the older part of Brunswick get stuck with two water towers in close proximity. This would not have happened had the Mayor not set the parameters as he did spcifically: The tower must be 1 milion gallons..must be reworked to tie into the old city, and paid for by the developer. Sure the developer is going to pay for this and all of us will benefit..the fact that this was a backroom deal is what bothers me. I applaud our local paper The Brunswick citizen for bringing this out into the open.