June 30, 2005 General 0

This is going to blow up in Cox’s and Adelphia’s faces. They have less than 50 megabits per node and folks are going to buy the new tiers..most importantly..they will USE the tiers. This is going to lead to dial-up network performance and less than dialup pings for the gamers. These are simply knee-jerk reactions to FIOS. AFAIK Adelphia is deploying DOCSIS 3.0 but slowly..however Adelphia has a slight lead in the DOCSIS 3.0 deployment in this area(Frederick county and surrounding area.). DOCSIS 3.0 can compete with FIOS..for now. All vz has to do is change their optical equipment at their fiber nodes and BANG! instant bandwidth. The cablecos cannot increase that easily. I hope you cable folks getting these rediculous tiers are ready for the inevitable headaches these shortsighted, marketing only stunts are going to bring.