June 21, 2005 General 0

This article on msnbc is amazing. According to the article because the family did not folllow doctor’s advice exactly to the letter..the state can now take this teen away from her parents and subject her to treatments she doesn’t want. So not hte doctors ar the ruling class? Ths is so insane it is not even funny.

Here are some quotes from the article:

It’s not an ideal situation, the judge couldn’t really let her go home because this is a home in which the mother has disappeared with the daughter, in which the father they say has refused a number of physicians who said it was very important that she undergo the radiation treatments. It is a very complex situation because there’s some indication that when you have the chemotherapy it can affect the child’s learning. That makes it more difficult for the child to learn and remember.

Brewer: Is there something that the distance can do in this case to facilitate an easier relationship between the medical staff, the parents, and the sick little girl?

Brothers: She’s going to be in the hands, so I’ve heard of M.D. Anderson (Cancer Center in Houston, where the girl is being treated). It’s one of the most wonderful places in the world.

One would hope they’d encourage the family to spend more time with her there and to be there when she has the treatments because they are difficult with all the nausea and vomiting and misery.

Brewer: From your perspective, as a professional, do you think these parents are just in denial about how sick their daughter really is or is there something else going on?

Brothers: I really think that they are trying to make a decision. Plus there are so many factors involved. There were genuinely trying to make a decision about what’s right for the child and they believed the cancer had gone and it is back again. So some of the objections they would have later on — they didn’t want her to have problems with growth, they didn’t want her to have problems later on with her ability to think or study. But those are off in the distance. What really matters is if the children can survive this terrible time.