August 22, 2005 General 1

In Gaza pullout ? democracy is the final victor – Mideast/N. Africa –
Final victor? Democracy
But the final headline ? “Settlers Lose Homes, Not Much Happens” ? is perhaps cruel, but true.

So can Israel give up more land, this time in the West Bank, without too much resistance? That isn’t really the point.

Israel proved that if the government wants to do something, it has the power and the will to carry it out. Neither the right wing is big enough or irresponsible enough to stop it, and nor would the left wing be.

The vast center held in the face of a painful historical turn in Israel’s history.

Democracy won.

WRONG! Totalitarianism won. Communisim won. Secular Humanism won. Anything BUT democracy won. The issue was never put up for a vote. The gov’t simply said you’re gone from your homes and that was that. Does this remind anyone of anything? How about the recent ED ruling out of the SCOTUS?

I saw this on Fox news. If you think you had hard work before; just wait until the terrorists fill Gaza like they always have and start making massive terrorists attacks once has happened so many times in the past. The IDF is going to very hard pressed to defend Israel now that they have opened up a flank exposing themselves to naval attack as well as land attacks.