August 22, 2005 General 0

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Nough said. I recently had a client ask me why I am not reccomending HP instead of Dell since I am not a fan of Intel’s oven chips. I told him frankly, Dell is nearly untouchable in terms of cost. When i needed a server Dell is the only I could afford so i deal with the little oven.. The new server i have is a bear to keep cool even with the heatpipe cooler they have one it. My server closet is not air conditioned and during the summer it gets very very toasty. My other servers which are old home built boxes(with the exception of another Dell box that was given to me for free in exchange for diagnosing the hdd as dead). Both of those Dell’s run hot. The firewall is a 1.8 ghz p-4 while the new server is a p-4 2.54 ghz machine. They both got so hot i had to move the entire network out of the server a 5k window unit and put the core network in there. My server closet is only big enough for max 2k BTu a/c. If you know where i can get one let me know..

I hope Intel swings things around and gets their chip thermals under control. If they do I will be an Intel fan once long as their cpu’s don’t carry too high of a price.

Here’s my network as it stands now:
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