August 21, 2005 General 0

La Shawn Barber?s Corner :

I agree Bush has squandered the Conservative momentum. I am not going to doubt his salvation. That’s between him and God. On the other hand, Bush I bet has some massively terribly advisors. He did not surround himself with fellow Christians and they have led him astray. Honestly, I am wondering about a few things. Clinton did Bosnia and the two Bush’s have gone into Iraq. All of these are labeled wars. I have never seen a declaration of war from congress. Now before everyone starts jumping up and down, congress did give the president the ability to engage in these military actions via a law passed back in the Carter administration abdicating their constitutional duties to check the president from just entering into wars at will. Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush jr., have taken a hold of this abdication and are now using it for all they can. The military has become a political tool instead of a defense force. Our Constitution is being ignored left and right and unfortunately many conservatives don’t even see it. What?s worse is that they praise Bush for doing it!!! Let?s not forget about our borders, which are being ignored. I am not sure I want to know how many sleeper cells there are in this country so far and how many more are being put together as I type this. Wake up everyone. The constitution is almost nothing now. If you do not want our republic to fall, wake up quickly and pray for this county without ceasing.