August 28, 2005 General 0

Edward P. Feher writes:
Supposed Christians

Pat Robertson, a supposed Christian, said that Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, should be assassinated by the United States government.

Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, supposed Christians, said that Islam is an “evil” religion and that Mohammed was a “pervert.”

Locally, Frederick County Christian Coalition chairmen Robert Tansey, a supposed Christian, says that gays should be denied the right to get married.

The comments of these supposed Christians give me an idea for a bumper sticker: “Members of the Christian Right are Oxymorons.”


I’ll adress your points one by one Edward:
Pat Robertson’s initial comments and apology. Nobody’s perfect. Are you Edward? I do not doubt Pat’s salvation as he has a great ministry. All men are going to make mistakes. Pat made a big one. He did own up to it though.

Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell are correct. Islam glorifies murder and sexual pleasure as rewards for Jihad or war against your enemies resulting in your own death and hopefully the death of enemies of Islam. An enemy of Islam is a non-believer in Islam. If you are an atheist..guess what? You’re a Jihad target. Same for Christians, Buddhists, etc. etc. Read the qu’arn and koran sometime. Mohammeh took a 9 year old girl as a wife and consumated the marriage with her. Sounds like a pervert(or for the PC folks out there pedophile) to me.

Robert Tansey is correct. The Bible specifically condems homosexuality. Both the New Testament AND The Old Testament condem homosexuality. God did not create homosexual marriage, He created hetrosexual marriage. IMO this denies homosexuals marriage “rights”.

My bumper sticker would read,”Christians aren’t perfect. We will make mistakes. It’s great to be forgiven.”