August 24, 2005 General 5

People thought Oslo was bad. This is going to be much worse. I don’t have to say much just look at these quotes:

“In Jerusalem Wednesday, Israel and Egypt (search) reached an agreement to have 750 Egyptian troops take control of a volatile Egypt-Gaza border corridor from Israeli forces, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said.

The transfer of border supervision to the Egyptians is key to ending Israel’s 38-year occupation of the Gaza Strip. An agreement had been held up by Israeli concerns that weapons and explosives would be smuggled across the border from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula (search) into Gaza, once its troops leave as part of the Gaza evacuation.”

Egypt gets control?!?! Is Sharon insane?

“Meanwhile, the relative ease and lack of violence with which Israel pulled out of the 25 settlements in just a week was a stinging setback to Israel’s ultra-nationalist movement, which for months had mounted vocal and dramatic resistance.

Palestinian and Israeli leaders as well as President Bush said the pullout ? the first time Israel has abandoned territory Palestinians claim for their future state ? opened new opportunities for peace negotiations.”

Just look around the blogosphere and even in some of the MSM. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are saying this WILL NOT stop their attacks. conversly, they have stated this is one step in their master plan to destroy Israel totally. Even the Head terrorist himself Abbas has stated this withdrawl is not enough.

“In Gaza, the Israeli government ? after quiet consultations with the United States and the Palestinians ? decided to demolish the private homes used by Jewish settlers, many of them single-family villas, and to leave most public buildings intact.

The Palestinians felt the homes were inappropriate for their housing needs in overcrowded Gaza, and plan to build high-rise apartment buildings in their place. In addition, many ordinary Gazans feared that corrupt Palestinian politicians and their cronies would appropriate settler villas.”

EXACTLY! The poverty will still be there and the corruption will still be there. I bet it will only grow worse. How long before Israel has to go back in because their citizens are getting killed left and right due to the huge increase in terrorism? I say 2 years at minimum and 5 at the most, if the Lord has us on this planet that much longer.