May 17, 2008 General 3

“For now, many of the needy, including many in Kladis’ store pushing carts laden with soda pop, bags of cookies and chips — much of it cheaper than healthier food — are doing what they can to stretch their shrinking buying power.

“The bottom line is, a mother trying to feed her kids is not really picky about what she puts in their bellies,” said Dan Gibbons, executive director of the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation. “She just wants them full.””


Gee, the last time I checked, Water was less expensive than soda and much better for the body.

In reading through articles such as this, it becomes more and more evident that we are so dependent on the Government to provide that we have lost the ability to think. Since things need to be spelled out clearly, let me take a stab at it.

Sam’s Club Membership = $35 per year

Gallon of Milk (Sam’s Club) – $2.85 ( 148.20 per year)

Gallon of Milk (per – $3.80 (197.60 per year)

Now, that makes up the price of the membership….but let’s continue

(Note: The non-Sam’s Club prices listed below are the lowest prices listed from stores I routinely frequent)

90% lean ground beef (Sam’s Club) – 2.49/lb

87% lean ground beef on sale – $3.99/lb


Romaine Hearts (package of 6) (Sam’s Club) – $4.49

Romaine Hearts (package of 3) – $3.49


Whole Chicken – $0.79/lb (average 3-4 lbs)

Whole Chicken (same brand and size) – $0.99

Granted, it took some time to research which stores were carrying what this week, but in my desire to save money while having my family eat healthy meals, I look at where the savings are and shop accordingly. Shopping at a convenience store is a great way to throw money away. I love having my hard earned money being thrown away for a “quick fix”

Here is where the system fails. Instead of encouraging those who need assistance to make wise choices, they continue to throw money away. IMO, they should not increase the amount that recipients can receive without receiving documentation that the money is being spent wisely. I can provide for my family of three on less than $250 per month (based on today’s prices). Granted that is up from a year ago, but we have also been making healthier food choices. That $250 also includes care for my pets, cleaning supplies, HBC, and paper products (like napkins). I live in an area where the cost of living is high. So, if I can make that money last, why is it so challenging for others to do the same? And please note: My $250 is money that I earn. I do not receive any assistance from the government or faith based organizations.

Perhaps this will also help.