May 24, 2008 General 1

Goodwill Industries plans expansion to Brunswick
It seems like the city has been working behind the scenes with Goodwill, Tynan said. There are several concerned residents who are not pleased. We feel a Goodwill store perpetuates the notion of Brunswick as a depressed community. And we’ve had such an effort over the last few years to dispel that notion and to build up the reputation of Brunswick as a destination.

Having a Good will in Brunswick is a bad thing? I have a TON of stuff to donate and frankly Goodwill is the best place but going to Frederick and Wva isn’t going to happen in this day of $4.00 a gallon or higher gas. This has nothing to do with Goodwill being a sign of blight, “Catherine Tynan, owner of Phoebe’s Travel Trunk, a second-hand shop at 6 W. Potomac St., also said she feared the nonprofit would dominate the used-clothing market in Brunswick. She compared the impact of Goodwill on her shop to the effect a Borders would have on a smaller bookstore.

We just can’t compete”, she said.

So is Charlestown, Wva a blighted community? How about Frederick? How about the neighborhoods where the goodwills are? Not from what I have seen. I drive by these locations weekly either heading to shop for groceries or during my travels with a mowing service. Please…yes they are going to make life more difficult for you..but instead of disparaging a well-respected, highly reputable, community serving charity how about you try to find a way to either survive or move on.

*UPDATE* I’ve only touched on a couple of the shameful things that were said in the article. If you have not followed the link to the article above please do so now and then reread this post. Another full rant follows tomorrow.  I found another version of this where the mayor fires right back and have updated the link with this more detailed version.  Go Mayor Jones!!