November 20, 2007 General 0

krashpad: Clinton’s Las Vegas Trip

I can admit, I hate social welfare programs. They are evil things, and in effect are enforced charity. It is the government, taking money from me to give to someone it deems worthy by some arcane stricture. A modern-day Robin Hood if you will. While Robin Hood is often classified as a folk hero, let us not forget that he was fighting against the high taxes and social ills which big government impose upon us. If eitherObama or Clinton manage to make it into office, this is the future we have to look forward to. Yet another attack against the capitalistic, small-government dream which our Founding Fathers held dear.

Unfortunately if Ron Paul doesn’t win it doesn’t matter who is in the cerry throne and any of hte other demopublicans or republicrats are all socialistic in their views.