October 12, 2005 General 0

Despite all the safe sex messages, there has been little progress in stemming the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. STDs like chlamydia and herpes are more common than ever, and doctors are now starting to see a couple of new or previously unrecognized infections.

Expect this to get worse as folks continue to actively deny that the Bible has it right all along. No sex of any kind before marriage. When you get married it is to another monogamous individual. No “open” marriages. Marriage is between one man and one woman. As long as the world keeps swallowing the “safe sex” lie things like this will continue. Abstinence DOES work. Africa is one place to take a look at things. Where abstinence is practiced the STD’s and AIDS fell down by huge amounts and wedlock births went down as well. The safe sex areas have almost 100% AIDS or STD infection rates and wedlock births are through the roof. Real-world implementaitons totally destroy this articles arguments.

The message that sex must wait until marriage is not the right message to send to a young person. The people sending the message almost never lived up to it in their own lives and nothing turns a kid off like hypocrisy. Furthermore, most kids themselves just don?t believe it.
Does this person have children? Trust me..your kids even though on the outside they act like they want nothing to do with you..they really do. They look to their parents for guidance on everything. Even if the dont’ say it..they are watching you. Your actions will go very far in determining a bunch of their makeup. You want well-behaved children..act the way you want them to act. Children also need discipline. Are you embarassed when your kids run wild in public? Guess what you do? You drop the hammer. Sometimes a swat to the backside is in order. Not only is firm discipline required but loving attention and consistency in your rules. Make sure your children only are filled with Biblical things first. Then as they are exposed to the world you can show them how to filter the world through the Bible. You’ll have much better children for it. Many parents take the easy way out and let society indoctrinate their children. Stop please! Take the hard job you signed up for by having a child. Parenting is tough but the rewards of seeing people surprised by how well-behaved your child is in public is just one of the many many reqwards for your hard work. I could go on and on..but i’ll end this post..for now..:)