October 12, 2005 General 0

La Shawn Barber?s Corner
Is too much government dependency destroying Black families? What role did racism play in the Hurricane Katrina response? Are establishment Black leaders exercising legitimate moral authority or simply fleecing their constituencies? How well are Black churches combating the moral crisis in urban America? How can Black Americans achieve true success? These and other questions will be addressed by our distinguished guests.

Too much governmant dependency is destroying the entire country..not only blacks. However the “civil rights leaders” of the black community are so intent on keeping their fellow blacks wrapped in fear means they will not as a whole be able to rise above their own self-induced state of welfare depndency until they wake up and shake off those who wish to keep them in bondage. For many whites I have seen in that situation it is their own individual choices(usually laziness) that keeps them there. Just look at what the entitlement/welfare culture that has been so carefully cultured has done in New Orleans and the south. When faced with it first true test it falls on its face. The government was never meant for this kind of chore and never will be. The same goes for whites, indians..etc etc etc.

I saw this other post on Lashawn’s blog too. She eloquently talks about the issues facing the black community. Some of this also applies to the rest of the country regardless of your ethnic background. The entitlement culture is destroying this country but I cannot deny how hard it is hitting the black community.

Here’s the direct link to the discussion. I had to dig through the broken coding to get it.

I?m honest about who I am. I am independent, but I don?t use the word the way some do (i.e., moderate, centrist, progressive). I take an unambiguous stand on just about everything, and like it or not, there are only two viable parties to choose from. While I am not a Republican, I do for vote for them. And I am as conservative as they come, and unlike some liberals, not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops. The so-called I-don?t-tow-the-party-line types are often thinly-disguised Republican-hating liberals. Nothing more, nothing less. The righteous pose is embarrassingly asinine.

I have to disagree with Lashawn here. There are two MAJOR parties. The constitution party is viable. However more folks needs to truly educate themselves about the Republicrats and Demopublicans. Look into their records then checkout the Constitution party. If the true conservatives would storm the gates and get behind the Constitution party there would be a Constitution Party candidate in the White House.

Down With Absolutes misreads LB’s post.