August 1, 2008 General 333

I absolutely despise vista. it has been a disaster on every machine i use it on. I have a laptop that’s now a year old and i can’t find a single thing i want to run on it. vista is just terrible, Linux works(depending on distro) but such simple things as hibernate don’t work out of the box w/o serious tweaks(something i’m not willing to put the time into getting working). My hardware isn’t that old(that’s probably the problem). MaxOSX isn’t available to those of us who would desperately love to run it without paying the unreasonable hardware premium(since their now just pc’s with OSX and the EFI firmware lock in). I would love to run XP on this laptop(as it’s the only decent MS OS they still support) but there’s no drivers available for it..only for vista..bleh. Vista when I install it on this laptop jsut works. I ahve to enable hibernation but that’s as far as i have to go..double bleh.