August 29, 2008 General 0

Landowner seeks only $1 in lawsuit
While he’s seeking $16.5 million or more from the Town of Walkersville in his federal lawsuit, Walkersville landowner David W. Moxley wants just $1 from a grassroots organization he says conspired with town officials against a Muslim group that wanted to buy his land.

Moxley in July sued Walkersville, the Walkersville Zoning Board of Appeals, Walkersville Burgess Ralph W. Whitmore, Walkersville Commissioners Roger A. ‘‘Sam” Eyler Jr., Donald W. Schildt, Chad W. Weddle and Russell N. Winch and appeals board members Dan Thomas, Vaughn Zimmerman and Harold Roderuck in U.S. District Court in Baltimore. He alleges that the town had discriminatory motives in denying a Muslim group to use his farm for religious retreats.

On Aug. 5, Moxley added Citizens for Walkersville, Ed Marino, Steven R. Berryman and 20 “John and Jane Does” as targets in the lawsuit. He’s seeking $1 from each of the “private” defendants.

Marino is president of Citizens for Walkersville, a group that organized to oppose a Muslim group’s plans to use Moxley’s 224-acre farm for its religious retreats. Berryman is its vice president and spokesman.

This is moxley’s way of trying to seem like he’s playing nice to imporve his chances of getting the feds to give him a payout AND keep is land which he could then sell later for MORE money.  This isn’t about religous discrimination it’s all aout greed on moxley’s part.