August 13, 2008 General 0

Anyone who though the hard line communist regieme would loosen up and put their best face forward is deluding themselves.  This is a hard line, atheistic, totalitarian regime the likes we have not seen since the days of the USSR.  The Chinese have managed to do just enough openness to fool the folks who have bought into the nanny gov’t culture we have going.  It’s amazing that to hear the msm praising china for a wonderful job when they are engaging in all kinds of deceptions. Here’s the list:

1. Fake Fireworks for those who watched on tv
2. Sold out venues not really sold out
3. Lip syncing of their own national anthem
4. Use of possibly underage gymnasts Let me go further. half of the chinese team looked to be no more than 12. The IOC will never admit it nor will china but look for yourself and decide. More from the AP
5. The supposedly 56 ethnic children that were actually all from the Han majority jsut wearing the 56 different ethnic colors.