August 27, 2008 General 0

Christian talk-host calls Farah book ‘unbiblical’
A Christian radio talk-show host has labeled Joseph Farah’s new book, “None of the Above,” as unbiblical because it advocates not voting for either of the two major-party presidential candidates this November.

Janet Parshall, host of “Janet Parshall’s America,” syndicated by the Salem Radio Network, told Christian TV host John Ankerberg Sunday, “There’s a book floating around now called ‘None of the Above’ that advocates exactly the position that you talked about. When we do that we have advocated the antithetical position to what we know to be biblical truth. Because, when we sit it out, what we’re saying, in essence, is, ‘Our vote doesn’t count. We don’t care to influence and occupy.’ The other person’s vote takes precedence. The other person de facto gets the vote.”

She and others of her ilk are so full of it and have lost anything the Bible says bout our gov’t.  Not voting at all is not unbiblical..however that’s not what farah is saying..just not to vote the two carbon copy cadidates.  Parshall and others of her ilk need to realize we can vote for whomever we want..even if it’s nobody and that choice is perfectly Constitutional and biblical.  Nice try but the more I watch these “conservative” commentators the more I see how far away form the Bible they have become.  They are as bad as the Liberals who wrap their failed and dangerous policies with the’s too bad these “pillars of light” are doing the same thing.