March 5, 2008 General 0

The latest TWIT was a political podcast and very little to do with technology. Leo has said in the following macbreak podcast that he wants TWIT(the twit podcast not the network) to be more than just technology. Leo, if that is the case then rename the podcast or add a political podcast. Listening to an entire two hours of Dave Whiner(yes i am purposefully mispelling it) the entire time has lead me to unsub from twit. I will listen to it live from now on and if i don’t like it I’ll not even use the flash player to download it. The current macbreak is just as bad with Alex Lindsay whining about amazon sucking because it’s a web page and not a bloated single app like itunes. Security Now! is also becoming more about product testimonials than actual discussion of security. The tech guy is the only one that is holding true to it’s name and format. Also i am now noticing more and more sexual references in all of the podcasts except for Security Now!.

All in all most of the latest TWIT network podcasts i listen to can be summed up in one phrase..they suck.