March 6, 2008 General 1

Parents of 166,000 students could face criminal charges

The real truth is about halfway down in the story as noted below:

The current case was brought by two attorneys who had been appointed by the state to represent the family’s minor children in a dependency case stemming from accusations of abuse that resulted from the parents’ decision to impose discipline on their children with spankings. The case actually had been closed out by the court as resolved when the lawyers filed their special appeal.

this is simply harassment of parent trying to discipline their children. California is usually the launching point for this type of attack on families and this time it is no different. The previous story detailing the ruling is here. The reaction from digg users is amazingly positive for the homeschoolers. This is coming very quickly on the heels of various German actions against homeschoolers through the country. There’s also the case of a father arrested in the homosexual haven of MASS for objecting to the homosexual indoctrination of his child. There’s tons more examples..just start with those links and go from there.