February 12, 2006 General 0

Power Line: The New York Times breaks silence

This is interesting. While I am not a huge fan of the NYT, it is interesting that when the NYT uncovers an illegal program foistered by the Bush Admin bloggers like Power Line call for them to be prosecuted under un-Constitutional laws. What happened to freedom of the press? It’s being taken away along with quite a few of our other Constitutional liberties. Why is this happening? Not because Bush is in the White House. Nopers, it is because the electorate has lost their own fortitude. This republic can only function if the electorate stays informed and then excercises their voting power to rehape the government. Unfortunatly the vast majority of the electorate no longer wishes to think for themselves which leads us into the situation we are in now. This country is becoming ripe for the Anti-Christ to come and take over.