February 22, 2006 General 0

hey ya’ll I wanted everyone to know what’s going on with me. I have two huge IT projects going right now with a third one coming online in the next three weeks. I have been very very busy. Our car has had to go in for repairs to the driver’s side seat..however in the process of heading to the repair shop I bounced the car off a guard rail. I’m fine and caterpillar is fine. The car suffered minor damage(the cost for repairs however at $500 is not). I was taking a road i have been down many many times. It was snowing heavily and the roads were about 50% cleared. The seciton of road i was on was cleared and i was going 25 mph. There is a nasty s-curve that is known for accidents(the guardrails get replaced 2-4 times every year). I was on my brakes lightly and entered the curve @10mph. I turned to the left..the car went straight. The car hit the guardrail with the right-front corner of the bumper. The car literally bounced off the guradrail like a pinball. I wound up oriented properly in the curve and continuing to move forward. i drove on to my daughter’s friend’s house to pick her up(the friend) and take both of them to school. Once i get there i surveyed the damage. The right front turn signal was broken and the right-front fog lamp was broken. The headlight assembly frame was cracked. All three have to be replaced. No other damage except some scrapes on the bumper cover. Looking back at things..i never should have taken that back road. I was trying to make it easier on other traffic for the pickup and also simplify my route from the pickup to their school. Bad move on my part.