February 2, 2006 General 1


Kidan posts on his site that men have won the sexual revolution. He’s right..:)

Sexual Revolution: Men 1, Women-0
1/24/2006 8:45:26 AM
As a guy, I must say that men have finally won the sexual revolution. This is much to the chagrin of fundamentalists (especially the father of little girls) everywhere.
How exactly did men win the sexual revolution? It’s quite simple actually. You see, there’s a concept out there among the youth of America called “hooking up.” A Georgetown University student described hooking up as anything from kissing to sex, while another called it a shallow thing without strings attached. This shift from traditional dating means that women are now actively looking for one-night stands. What is better is that organizations such as NOW and the left-ran schools push this as “progressive” and “liberating.” While I was growing up, girls like this were called “easy” or more often “sluts.” Men won the sexual revolution because they no longer have to make an attempt to get shallow meaningless sex. Of course NOW doesn’t see this because the behavior is labeled “Liberated” rather than “Slutty.” Which, of course makes them happy, after all, it’s all about the labels.
This is the situation that the feminist movement and sexual revolution has brought to fruition. This is the fruits of their labors. Grand isn’t it?
How exactly can we fight this? While I do not have a little girl of my own (which I hope one day to have), I do not want my son growing up in this type of environment, mostly because it is a harmful environment. To truly believe that there are no physical, mental or emotional repercussions to hooking up is irresponsible on the part of everyone.
Of course, harming our children’s emotionally is never really at issue with liberals, especially feminists, as all their choices are aimed more at making adults feel better about themselves, than for the psychological welfare of children.
Dating takes a lot of effort. Hooking up, that’s easy. It’s just one night. No strings. Except that is not how it works. There are emotional and physical bonds formed with whomever you sleep with, especially for women. That’s just how God made us. The entire concept of hooking up just screams disrespect for women and for the body. It screams, all I’m after is getting my kicks, you can go?.well you get the idea.
Hopefully, my son will never “hook up” with a girl. If he does, I may have to give him some nice old-fashioned corporal punishment, just to remind him that he should be upholding those old-fashioned values of mine.