February 11, 2006 General 0

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Ah yes. Here goes Hamas..that bastion of freedom telling the rest of the world we will calm things down if you agree to give up your freedom of speech. Sorry folks ain’t going to happenin’ here..not in this household. I intend on excercising my freedom of speech while i still can. One Christian newspaper is trying to apologize..unfortunatly they don’t realize that kowtowing to terrorists only breeds more terror.
Meanwhile the editor of a small Christian newspaper in Norway apologised today for offending Muslims by reprinting the caricatures. Magazinet editor Vebjoern Selbekk said he regretted publishing the cartoons on January 10 because he had not foreseen the pain and anger they would cause among Muslims.

You have just made yourself an even bigger target as now the terrorists know they can make you bend to their will.

*UPDATE* Now there are calls for the international community to enact laws to punish anyone who “denegrates islam” to be tried and punished. Interesting how they can denegrate Christianity all they want? Love the double standard.