September 28, 2011 Brunswick New World Order Patriotism Politics 0

Why do you hold disdain for the ballot box?  Could it be because you have allowed the rot to infest everywhere do to your own lack of action at said box or the poor choices which I have been talking about for years now?  Other than arms the only way you have to exert your will is said ballot box.  Since you and previous generations have allowed it to be a rubber stamp why should the pols listen?  Do you actually believe they will ignore this too?  They will use this to do jsut that..take away your ability to self-govern and your country and ours will become nothing more than a libya or iran or China.  I say let’s restore the ballot box NOW…vote the ENTIRE gov’t out and get a whole new slate in that is NOT ties to the current establishment.  That means no republicans and no democrats..NONE.  Otherwise you’ll have to be brave and take up violence on a nationwide and coordinated style.  A civil war of independence is not a fun conceopt.  Are yhou willing to take back your rights peacefully?  Then use said ballot box not you’ll have to muster up the kind of courage the military has…can you do that?  I’d rather not find out..let’s use the ballot box properly….comment if you need to know how.

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