September 26, 2007 General 0

Over the past two weeks, I have been barraged with pay for this and increase tax that: you now have to pay this fee and cover this expense for someone else.

/pulls out soap box/

I have now been working for almost 20 years and with the exception of taking one summer off, I have worked at least one job during this time. I have had some horrendous jobs, worked awful hours and had some great jobs (like my current one) I have scrimped, saved, cut corners (and coupons) and gotten by on meager wages. Praise God that I have the job I have now. While we still need a bit more [earnings] so we can save, things are better now than they have been in the past. I can only give credit to God for providing the opportunities and the having me stick with things.

So….in the news I have heard from her slithered tongue that the Lizard Queen wants everyone to have health care. mmmm Nice thought. But, I am guessing that she is not going to pay for it. Anyone have a guess at who will. If you said we will….Ding ding ding ding ding, you are correct. So, now, not only do I have to pay for health care for my family and support a welfare system with my tax money, I have to pay for someone else to go to the doctor. Lovely

Next, the wonderful governor of our state wants to raise taxes and bring in slot machines (Please note, for the record, I wrote in HCS’ name on the ballot) Slot machines are being proposed for the county in which I live. Never mind the fact that I moved out here to get away from such madness. Then a 1% increase in sales tax, plus I will now have to pay a tax on the gym membership. (hmmm, I wonder if other service based professions will have to charge tax). All of this to make up for state-level government spending, which cannot be reigned in. So, I am paying for someone else’s mess. Lovely.

Then we received a letter today about collection charges that we have to pay when another party owes us money. I might have to get a sign for this one. The sheer stupidity of this is overwhelming. Not only are we charged a fee when money is intercepted on our behalf (regardless of whether or not we asked for it) we now have more that has to be paid because someone can’t honor their commitments. Lovely.

/puts soap box away/

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