February 11, 2008 General 0

Science, religion coexist at local church

The headline is misleading but as a secular publication I can’t blame them too much. Let me put in a couple of quotes that show the issues with the stance portrayed int he article:

Here’s the biggest one:

“The Rev. Anjel Scarborough, rector of Gathered by Christ Episcopal Church, preached Sunday morning that evolution and faith can live comfortably together.

However, that means sacrificing literal interpretations of the Bible, she told about 20 people who attended the service.”

Uh sorry..You can’t relativize the Bible. The Bible is not “living Document” open to changing it’s meaning whenever you want.

“”You need both,” she said. “It is not a case of choosing one over the other, but allowing both disciplines to address the mysteries of life from their respective perspectives.”

Faith asks questions of meaning while science answers questions of mechanics, Scarborough said.

“Science is designed to answer ‘How?’ ‘How did we get here?’ ‘How do things work?’ ‘How can we solve a problem?'” she said. “Faith, on the other hand, answers the question ‘Why?’ ‘Why are we here?’ ‘Why do bad things happen?'”

Absolutely incorrect. The Bible says how the universe was created. It answers the how things like marriage and dealing with one another both believer and non-believer alike.

“Scarborough concluded by referring back to the story of the emperor’s new clothes — the cloth a tailor convinced the emperor to wear was invisible and, in fact, never existed.

“We would be better clothed by integrating (science) into our faith and expanding our understanding of truth to be something richer than just reporting the facts,” Scarborough said, rather than be “hoodwinked” like the emperor and accept intelligent design as another scientific theory.

“Science tells me the how of evolution and my faith tells me why God did it.””

The Bible says how the world was created and everything in it..science still has not answered that. They have a THEORY which is in it’s purest form a guess..unfortunately many are taking this theory and turning it into fact. Since evolution is based on various theories of how the world was created evolution itself is never going to be totally logical since it’s foundation is inherently illogical.